Rooty Hill Revisited

What’s all this talk of rooting?
Moving forward, moving back?
While Action Man’s out looting,
Julia’s not in the sack!
She has put her pants back on,
Thrown away those silly skirts.
She’s out there with Mr. Swan.
Kicking Abbott where it hurts.
“People, look at Wayne and me!”
She proudly says, “We can’t wait
To boast of our economy,
How we’ve kept Australia great!
Stop this talk of refugees!
That is not a real debate.
Why not everybody please?
Talk about the interest rates!”
Abbott retreats, playing coy.
Yet again he’s weaved and ducked.
What is it about this boy?
Is he asking to be f—ed?

Buzz  18 August 2010  Patriciawa: A special Mention in Dispatches for that!! Hahaha! X marks the spot!


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