Reflections Of Alexander Downer

Mirror, mirror, here on the wall,
Who is the finest of us all?
Kevin Rudd is really awful!
Look, he claims it is unlawful
To tell our media the truth.
Think!   When you’re in the polling booth
Do you want to elect a man
Who does the things that this guy can?
Someone who will travel abroad
Abetting bribery and fraud?
Yet that is how he describes me!
That contract with AWB
Was made clandestinely by him!
When hopes of leadership were slim,
He thought the diplomatic corps
Would appreciate him much more
If he could get Sadaam Hussein
To buy the best Australian grain.
Yes, outrageous!  Proof of it all –
He’s been made sick by his own gall!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,  you are seeing,
Aren’t you,  a f–king awful human being!


Valerie,     13/11/10,     Patricia WA Love the verse here and on other blogs. You are particularly good at it. Any other relevant pieces you may want to share?

nasking,     13/11/10,   I agree Valerie…Patricia WA is brill at puttin’ the apt verse out.

Feral Skeleton,     13/11/10,       PatriciaWA, Your poetry is awesome (to use a descriptor from the younger generations)! Using humour to deflate the pretensions of the pompous buffoons in the Coalition is one of the prongs of the pitchfork that we have to deploy, constantly, to attack them.

Ad Astra,      13/11/10,     I liked this poem too.


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