Picking Winners With Octopussy, An Octopode.

Thank you Philip, and you as well, Lenore,
With the SMH you two have now gone
Where none in Oz has dared to go before,
Reviving the spirit of the long dead,

You have now chosen to reincarnate
The great soothsayer of an ancient world
In this intelligent invertebrate,
So familiar to us here in the land

We know that many other octopodes
Wear the deceiving,  tainted,  colour blue.
She’s different.  Her first prediction bodes
Labor well.  They have a female leader  just like her!
No wonder!

NOTES This pome was written for larvatus prodeo when Saturday Salon was discussing Julia Gillard’s chances against Tony Abbott in the upcoming election as divined by an octopus in the Sydney Zoo and reported bY Lenore Taylor and Phil Coorey.


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