Mr. Rabbit Organises A Tea Party.

Mr. Murdoch is urging me
To reconstruct a great party.
I think he means that time Alice
And I had tea at the palace.
You’re telling me that was March Hare?
Look at the picture!   That’s me there!
Dormouse, who’s squashed in the teapot,
Could be replaced by Rob Oakeshott.
Ask that relation of the Queen……
Tony Windsor?……He might be Green.
That’s not true of old Bob Katter,
Our very own Oz Mad Hatter.
Will they come? Are we their first choice?
Why can’t they love Barnaby Joyce?
What’s so wrong with Hockey and Robb?
We all think they do a great job.
Rupert is so keen to kill ‘Time’
He won’t pay out a measly dime
If my tea party turns out a failure
And that bolshie Red Queen gets to rule in Australia.


Min,      26/08/10,      Patricia I love it! Especially the bolshie Red Queen. Red in hair, red by nature.

Augustus,      26/08/10,       joni “pat” laureate – just fantastic…love the hatter/katter part. See the size of his hat the other night?

TB Queensland,      26/08/10     Fabulous, Patricia!

nasking,      26/08/     LOL, good stuff Patricia!


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