Larvatus Prodeo Asked Bloggers Why John Howard aka Dracula Was Absent From The Campaign

Do not look here for Dracula
He will not come by day again.
He’s anointed our new ruler
Whom he knows well will give us pain.

Abbott, his political love child,
He’s announced as his final choice,
Despite DNA claims once filed
By a certain Barnaby Joyce

His heir, now known as Action Man,
Had drunk deep of Dracula’s blood
For strength to carry out the plan
For foul revenge on Labor’s Rudd.

But it seems some female red head,
Not the one who owns a fish shop,
Has made Rudd sick.  He’s ill in bed.
No!  T’was wrought by Bronwyn Bishop!

Yes,  Action Man’s spiritual ‘mother’
Had ‘daughter’ Julie – ‘Catwoman’ –
Stare Rudd down to save her brother!
Ghastly trio!    Hardly human!

Stop this silly speculation!
This country is not Roumania!
We live in a modern nation.
Here there is no Trans…..Syl…va…nia… Oh, Help!    Dear God!

Atheist Gillard cannot save us!
We need a crucifix and bell!
Aah!   Here’s an Abbott and two Bishops
And with his stake, dear Cardinal Pell.



Nasking,     28/02/10,      Patricia WA, LOL. Well done

Wilful,        13/11/10. Feral S says: That was good, Patricia WA

Mindy,        13/11/10. Please don’t say that Patricia WA. I have relatives in Sylvania.


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