Julia, Hard Head, But Not Heart Dead.

A party political hard head
Is not necessarily heart dead,
As Julia today has clearly shown,
Squashing rumors from sources unknown.
She’s forthright, strong and no fibber,
Stand-out model for any Libber.
Trace her career; and right from the start
You can see that she’s no bleeding heart.
But does it take that much awareness
To know she’s a champion of fairness?
Questions about why she’s not married
Have been ever so lightly parried.
Reminds one of another red head
Who resolutely refused to wed.
You know, that ‘weak and feeble woman’
With ‘heart and stomach of’….a…human!

Let’s all hope that soon will come the day
To this nation their PM will say,
“In this Lodge, where ‘home’ was meant to be,
Here’s my heart for you, who’ve chosen me.”


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