Joe’s Leaks Fiasco

Yet another tale of woe
From this Liberal Dumbo.
One has to ask how low
Is Joe prepared to go?

Look, his budget address
Really failed to impress
As he tried to suppress
Poor economic prowess.

Even dour Andrew Robb,
An old hand with their mob,
Although hiding a sob
Couldn’t help with his job.

Mines agreed to pay tax
To a reasonable max.
Said Joe, patting their backs,
“We don’t need it. Relax!”

Now he’s out there today
Again waffling away
With his old debt cliches
Plus – something new to say!

Yes! Treasury has lost
His estimates of cost!
Well, leaked them, or at worst
Shown them to Swannie first.

How much longer to go
Before sloppy old Joe
Gets his final K.O.
Leaving us with a warm inner glow?

Miglo 13/08/2010 Gold.


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