Is Action Man For Real?

Ingenious, ingenuous,
With policies most tenuous,
Abbott,  he may be strenuous,
However,  is he really strong?
Julia,   when she heard the gong,
Came out dancing and with gloves on.
Verbiage flew to left and right.
Both seemed to give it all their might.
Wow! What a lovely bloody fight!
For several rounds points seemed even.
Tony backs off now,  poll driven.
She taunts, “What do you believe in?”
One round remains to seal their fate.
Tony says, “Let’s have that debate,
I have a pre-existing date,
A 7.30 interview.
I’d gladly share that one with you.”
Julia retorts,  “That will not do!”
And off she flies out to the west
To earn more cash for her war chest.
Leaves him with Red Kerry; distressed,
As yet again his honesty
Is questioned.   All his sophistry
Is useless now as we can see.
His promises have been doubted.
All his weaknesses are outed.
He looks likely to be routed.
He’s hoping Cairns won’t be too hard,
But Broncos there may love Gillard.
Will he be hoist on his own petard?

August 18, 2010 nasking Thnx Patricia WA, another great poem that captures the election campaign in all its glory & sewer politics.


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