“Insiders” At It Again!

We’re told by press ‘Insiders’
From all the news providers
That the Labor brand’s been trashed.
Their electoral hopes are dashed.
That’s what all the papers say.
Can it really be that way?
Has our banking system failed?
Our economy been de-railed?
Don’t they know we’re overjoyed
So few of us are unemployed?
Abbott killed the ETS
Helped by Greens not saying yes.
And yet this so-called ‘last straw’
Made Rudd loathed for ever more!
Now he’s out and Gillard’s in
Media’s mourning ‘poor’ Kevin.
This is the land ‘downunder’
So is it any wonder
That our world seems upside down?
Here a government renowned
For strong decisive action
Just can’t get any traction
As the media turn truth about.

Perhaps it’s time to turn ‘Insiders’ out!


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