I Do Not Trust Abbott! Never Can!

I could not, ever, trust this louse.
I would not want him in the House.
I’d rather see him in a box
Or ridiculed in public stocks.
Yes, there he could his budgies wear
And everyone could come and stare
As we all threw bad eggs and jam
At phony Tony, fork tongued sham.


nasking,     20/08/10,   Patricia, luved the poem…got me chuckling. No need to apologise for speaking yer humour & valid, insightful serious thoughts by way of verse.

Miglo,    209/08/10m   Patricia, we love the ‘pomes’ and there’s no need to apologise for them. Writing pomes is a good way of expressing one’s self and we’re fortunate that you share them with us. I write lots of poems but nobody sees them as they’re just for me and I feel rewarded by simply writing them. They can be uplifting.

Jane,     20/08/10,   Patricia, loved the pome. Keep going, I’ll buy the first print of the first anthology. Miglo, how about sharing your poems? You and Patricia could be the resident laureates at the Cafe.

Skeptical,    17/08/12,    patriciawa, nice one as always :lol:    Cheers!

Miglo,    17/0/08/12,   Spot on, Patricia.


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