Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (3)!

So Malcolm Turnbull has decided to seek another chance
From Tony Abbott, now as leader clearly well ensconced.
Yes, he’s the man for PM almost half the country wants
Who once had ousted Malcolm,  man of the renaissance.
So what will Tony offer him he’ll not look at askance?
Why not the NBN and Labor’s extravagance?
Commentators shake their heads on hearing his response.
Surely success with that will his rival’s power enhance
With little gain for him and his own career advance.
Oh!  Why had he not heeded old friends and Republicans
Who warned,   “The price of being Liberal is infernal vigilance!’

MY NOTE:  I’ve loved watching Malcolm’s efforts to climb the slippery pole of political ambition. I began this which has become a three part commentary at Larvatus Prodeo many months back. I’m itching to do one in which someone delivers to him that final mercy blow ‘with a sword’s edge sliding glance’ or, better still, he ‘manages Tony Abbot’s final comeuppance!’


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