Dear John

I thought you understood
Our marriage was no good.
Much better if you would
Just go and I won’t yell.
Please go, you can’t come in.
This time you cannot win.
Just take it on the chin.
Stop pushing on the bell.
Don’t send round your crony,
Creepy little Tony,
With your old baloney
And your usual hard sell.
Yes, the madman, Abbott.
I’m in debt?!   No credit?!
Claims I’ve got a ‘habit’?!
He needs a padded cell.
Don’t listen to that wanker,
He’s just a trouble maker.
Talk to Glen, our banker,
He says my accounts excel.
He sees my cash employed
Fixing up what you destroyed –
Dear things I once enjoyed.
Oh!   Tales that I could tell!
You kicked me in the teeth
When I was low with grief,
Brought your mate, Peter Reith,
Here with his dogs and smell.
All your bad behaviour,
Fighting every neighbour,
Meant I couldn’t savour
Them.  Now I know they’re swell.
With all my former friends
I’ve met and made amends,
Forgiveness asked, which sends
Them back to me pell mell.
Our neighbor, Bobby Green
Along with wife, Christine,
Helps keep the back yard clean.
He’s put in a new well.
On work I have a choice,
More free with my own voice.
And as for Mister Joyce!
You teach him how to spell!
So listen now,  dear John!
Your return just isn’t on!
Or must my new bloke, Swan,
Beat you into pulpy jell?
He’s not just strong. He’s smart.
Loves me and has a heart.
Not like you, you mean old fart.
Can you hear me, John? Go to bloody hell!


Miglo andMin,    06/08/2010,  That is brilliant Patricia!!!

Nasking,    06/08/2010,  Nice one Patricia


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