Aussie Rules On ‘Yes’ And ‘No’

Tony Abbott says he’s not clear
About how to act if he should hear
A woman in the private sphere
Say,  “No!  Go away!  Just disappear!”
He doesn’t know the way to go,
Hearing that as an eager beau?
Gee!  That can lead to lots of woe
If you’re confused by “Yes!” and “No!”
Ignorance of that in public life
Can lead to trouble and to strife.
Canberra examples of this are rife
With tales of the assassin’s knife.

So, will we now hear him confess
He was confused by Howard’s “Yes!”
For Liberals on the ETS?
Does that explain his climate mess?
Or was that when he was excused
From Cabinet,  which then was used
To by-pass his known sceptic views?
Was that “Crap!” because he felt abused?
Liberal women who are ‘Pro-Choice’
Made clear to him their strong “Yes!” voice
On RU486.   That noise
Drowned out his “Noes!” and ‘Pro-Life’ Joyce.

“Yes!” and “No!” we all learned at school,
In class, at sport, in swimming pools.
Abbott can’t play by Aussie rules?
He needs a trainer, someone who’ll
Show him!    How about our Jules?


Fiona Reynolds,      05/08/10,/10      Patricia WA, that is close to being your best yet.

Pavlov’s Cat,      05/08/10      WOW!     quatrains in iambic tetrameter with an aaaa rhyme scheme = awesome.

Miglo,      05/08/10      That’s the best pome yet in my opinion. Absolutely brilliant.

Ad Astra,      13/11/10      Once again, I enjoyed your poem. Thank you.

clarencegirl,     03/06/11      In verse it’s just as frightening isn’t it! Loved the poem 🙂


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