Action Man Turns Numbers Man!

Tony Abbot says it’s not hard
To prove he’s ousted La Gillard.
“All ways the numbers clearly say
The ALP have had their day!”
Early he claimed his victory
Rejecting contradictory
Evidence that Australian votes
Were not all pro his “Stop the Boats!”
Before all counting was quite done
He argued that his team had won.
First because he had one more seat.
When that was changed to a dead heat,
Dealing with three Independents
Meant Nationals lost ascendance.
Still vote count by the AEC
Showed Coalition primary
To be near forty four per cent!
That reinforced his argument
Australians voted him to be
PM by clear majority!
Labor with quite a few points less
Have now denied him that success.
Their firm agreement with the Greens
Makes Tony now a ‘might’ve been.’
Fifty per cent of primary votes,
Indifferent to his talk of boats.
Why can’t he accept his failure
And this win for a clean Australia.
His accounting gives us PM Gillard.
He’s hoist by the numbers, his own pétard!


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