Abbott’s Confession!

So, Abbott has at last confessed,
Not, as the faithful would have guessed,
To the revered Monsignor Pell.
This may have him condemned to hell.
He’s announced he’s changed religion.
Through years as cabinet stool pigeon
He relieved the daily tedium
By studying to be a medium.
He’s found a new strong ritual
Channelling the spiritual.
This energy from his heroes
Through him to Australia now goes.
Yes,  Tony’s idol, John Howard,
And the guy they thought a coward,
Remember,  that smirking fellow,
What’s-his-name, Peter Costello.
They will run the economy
Once Tony has autonomy!
Those two will be annointed saints
When he’s PM with no restraints.
He plans to turn our democracy
Into a world’s first!    A media-cracy!

August 18, 2010 Miglo Great pome. ‘Media-cracy’ – very, very clever.


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