Welsh Strains.

Our PM states she has no religion;.
None at all, no, not even a smidgen
Of faith in a God or some afterlife.
Perhaps because she has seen the strife
So often caused by strong belief
Which leads to warfare, deaths and grief.
Now she is the leader of our nation
She should consider Reincarnation
As the ideal Australian opiate.
That would strike and surely reverberate!.
Here she is recognised, praised and seen
To be much like the Tudor Virgin Queen.
They have in common ancestries in Wales,
Giving rise to wondrous and mystic tales,
Of another Celt, mighty Boadicea
Whose spirit surely once again lives – here!
Having left the climes of Borealis
Does she now dwell with us in Terra Australis?


This video clip was sent to me by an admirer of Julia Gillard, my say, blogging at the Poll Bludger on September 3, 2011, when the Prime Minister was certainly in need of friends, and who spoke of her Welsh fighting spirit. Watching this clip of several film stars depicting Queen Elizabeth 1 I was very struck by some of the physical stances and facial expressions. Coincidence? Or my imagination?

POSTSCRIPT 08/11/11 Today, the day of the Senate’s final passage of the Carbon Price legislation there were compliments galore for Julia Gillard’s leadership courage and staying power on website postings everywhere, including this from Bushfire Bill at The Pollbludger by by posting Welsh Strains for him.

Gillard looked very Queen Elizabeth (QE-1, Queens Bess, that is) with her minimal makeup, red hair and pale complexion.
http://pandorasarchive.wikispaces.com/file/view/elizabeth.jpg/104064661/elizabeth.jpg And come to think of it, Abbott looks very “Norfolk-ish”. http://www.wearysloth.com/Gallery/ActorsE/5117-24173.jpg See what I mean, (if you’ve seen the film).”

The blogmaster himself, William Bowe, particularly liked BB’s comment and responded with, She may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but she has the heart and stomach of a concrete elephant.


my say, 03/09/11 Here’s that video for you.

Patricia WA, 03/09/11 my say, many thanks for that! Just added it to my notes on my pome with acknowledgement. Call me a romantic but I just hate to think of Oz missing out on a similar spirit!

my say,   03/09/11    i dont think we will patricia i have belief that we are all here for a reason. of course many poeple would think this batty but i have had so many occurances in my life that well just dont seemed to of happened becauce they happened at the time i could not see it but looking most things happened for a reason. i came back in to the study to look up a receipe for tea and there you were.

Confessions,     08/11/11,    Nice one, Patricia WA.

Sue,    25/04/12,     Thank you for the link from the Cafe.   I love your poems and I appreciate the depth of regard you have for our wonderful PM.

Mary,    22/08/12,    http://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/18181/elizabeth-is-death-24-march-1603/  Patricia,    This web site leads to others, love the comments underneath

Gorgeous Dunny, 22/08/12, She hasn’t let us down, has she? Every day her fortitude reminds us how little our task is compared with hers. All we need to do is trust her strength and leadership and continue to applaud every time she finds a way out of yet another trap set by her enemies as she withstands their slanderous attacks. You’re every bit as eloquent with your prose as you are with your witty poems. Glad to hear you’re doing well, and sorry for the slow catch-up.

Truth Seeker, 22/08/12m Patricia, I always appreciate your feedback, as I always enjoy your verse, and have found your latest, short posts, particularly concise, poignant and hard hitting. Good work.


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