Sleeping With The Enemy

In political terms it’s not in keeping
To find one side with the other ‘sleeping.’
There’s sometimes a merging of red with blue
But crossing the floor makes a hullaballoo.

Still, parties known by the colors they choose,
Sometimes coalesce their various hues.
The Nationals with their green and gold
Have joined the Liberals true blue and bold.
When the Liberal party went for the blue
They thought it stood for all that’s best and true.
Of course we know why Labor’s flag is red
It tells of all those workers’ blood once shed.
It’s clear that Greens stand up for conservation
Of the world’s environment and vegetation.

But now it seems that’s all been changed
All the colors completely rearranged
Just because a green MP has gone to bed,
Not with an honest Labor party red,
But with a Liberal of repute so ‘blue’
At first no one believed the story true.
It’s obvious the man his party will retain.
He has survived much more perverse a stain.
But should her party expel the harlot?
Will anyone vote for a Green so scarlet?

This ‘lady’ in her own version
Of her romantic excursion
With a man of known perversion
Makes no claim of male coercion.
She says, “It was a mutual diversion!”

NOTES: The background to this scandal can be found in numerous articles in the West Australian newspaper like this one.


hillbilly skeleton,11/09/11, I thought this woman would eventually come to her senses. Obviously not. Sigh.


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