Pronouncing Judgement. What’s In A Name?

Before I joined this conversation
I had to check pronunciation
Of the comedienne Catherine’s name.
No one seems to say it quite the same.
I always thought it rhymed with brainy.
That’s apt and fits her image – zany.
Neil Mitchell matches it with meany
Which makes you think of Mussolini.
Imagine then my fascination
When hearing with no hesitation
Tony Jones pronouncing, “Deveny”
Only rhyme for which is heavenly!
I’m taking that as revelation
That even the holy congregation
Is forgiving of this feminist,
An outspoken forthright columnist.
Those judging her culpability,
What do you want? More humility?
Courage, daring and so called ‘poor taste’
Put right past wrongs and had the good embraced.
In their so condemnatory tones,
And willingness to cast those stones,
Commentators here should not forget
Iconoclasts like her new limits set.


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