On Your Bike, Tony!

Tony Abbott, revivalist,
And revisionist to boot,
Is revving up the Liberals
With every photo shoot.
I really don’t like lycra.
Fluro green just makes me puke.
The election is for PM not a biker.
Margie! Time to press that business suit!

Second thoughts a week later for Cafe Whispers

I woke up this morning feeling brain dead
With no inspiration, not even a shred.
Why did I ever dream up this thread?
My favorite colour has always been pink!
Connect it with Abbot? I must need a shrink!
So am I excused if I have a re-think?

There are very few words rhyming with mamil.
An obvious one which comes up is the camel.
There’s also a net or a trap called a trammel.
But none have inspired to any degree.
We should have respect for the dromedary.
He’s much better looking than Abbott. Agree?


libbylodge, O9/10/10 Since reading this and giggling, all I can do is hum … ”We’ll drink a drink a drink to Lily the pink, the pink the pink….et al”No… he is not the Messiah…he is just a naughty boy; playing with his toy, while dressed in pink lycra. Nothing wrong with that!

patriciawa, O9/10/10, Nothing wrong with that at all!

My daughter, Gillian, just viewed the post and asked how to pronounce the word ‘mamil’ and I said I thought like ‘camel’. She thought that was a pity because if it was with emphasis on the last syllable there were all sorts of lovely words that rhymed with it, like ‘dill’ and ‘pill’ which would fit Tony nicely.
Even closer would be ‘devil’ and ‘weevil’ and ‘cavil’ which he does all the time, of course.

Let’s sleep on it. On second thoughts, no. Let’s forget about our Tone until tomorrow! He kept me up late and the result was Version 2 above. http://cafewhispers.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/httppoliticalowl-blogspot-com201010-html/#comment-10812

Miglo, 10/10/10, Purely delightful, Patricia.

Min, 10/10/10, PATRICIA!
P Poet
A An artist with words
T Topical
R Rare talent
I Intricately
C Construes
I Information
A Appropriate to events current. And always informative.

Tosca 11/10/10, Min @ 4.20pm – Spot on with P A T R I C I A
Also re P A T R I C I A. The WA bit that she includes could stand for Well….Articulated (Tosca is Lady in Red at TPS!)


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