Newspoll Has Tony Abbott in a Hole

Of course we must discount this latest poll
Showing Tony Abbott in a hole.
His PR team need not despair,
Nor weep and wail and tear their hair.
The public are confused you see,
They’re just the same as you and me,
Overloaded with information
About this man who’ll save the nation.

Once just a guy who loved to surf
Next a new friend of the earth.
We’ve seen he is a mighty runner.
We never know what next he’s gunna
Do to foil some lefty labour strike
By charging in upon his bike.
Now he battles every big new tax
While flames subside beneath his fireman’s axe.

In parliament he’s suited,  dutiful,
On the beach bare, bronzed and beautiful.
He used to be a man of prayer –
That’s all gone up into thin air.
Now he’s become an Iron Man
He’s very confident he can
Be whatever it is he wants to be.
He’ll top the next Newspoll, you’ll see.

We’ll show him as a great go-getter,
Make sure the public know him better.
Our sainted Iron Man!  It’s not ironic
To see him fired by energy demonic.
This leader of the Opposition
Is no ordinary politician.
His soon-to-be election
Will mark the final Resurrection
Of all in Oz that’s rich and white.
He still could win, our Champion of the Right!

POST SCRIPT 22/03/11   Tony Abbott still trailing as preferred PM in Newspoll!  So I posted this with TPS and CW.

Newspoll Still Has Tony Abbott in a Hole!

Last year in the late March Newspoll
Rudd was top, Abbott in a hole.
His PR team did not despair,
Nor weep and wail and tear their hair.
They had a task they would not shirk.
Four months later had it began to work?
His former rival, Rudd, was gone.
Now Gillard challenged him, “It’s on!”
And so this guy who loved to surf
Expressed his love for mother earth.
Now, in an election running,
Fitness counted less than cunning.
Still, lycra clad and on his bike,
He’d front up to cameras or mike
And battle every ‘Big New Tax’
As if wielding a fireman’s axe.
No wonder that his pride was stung,
When after Parliament was hung,
The casting votes were not for him.
His view of that was very dim.
Early thoughts of ‘kind and gentle’
Were forgot as he went ‘mental.’
Thereafter, twisted and bitter,
He fought on. For sure no quitter.
In the House, ‘suited, dutiful,’
No more ‘bare, bronzed and beautiful,’
At division he still lost votes,
In spite of slogans, ‘Stop the Boats!’
And that fight, fought hard and heavy,
‘Gainst helping Queensland with a levy.
Forget lost ground on the NBN,
Now there’s a ‘Big New Tax’ again!
He said that proved the PM a liar!
Though he’s no climate change denier!
Almost, you’d say, he had a hard-on
When Gillard put that price on carbon!
Now he planned a ‘Peoples Revolt!’
So why this shock, this awful jolt?
Told he’s even further from his goal
By the ‘Authority,‘ Newspoll!


Ad Astra,       22/03/11,     Patricia WA   Thank you for cross posting your delightful  ‘pome at the Political Sword.  It is truly prescient.

Pip,     23/03/11,     You know him so well, Patricia!


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