Musings of a political hack.

I sense an election
coming on
Or do I mean erection?
No, that recalls
A long ago affection
Ruined by a
Casual connection
Resulting in
An STD infection,
Followed by
Inevitable rejection.
No, these days
All of my reflections
Are political;
About defections
And policies,
Monitoring directions
Left or right,
Judging imperfections
Of articles
Which need correction,
Editing and
Pencilling objections,
And I’m the one
Delivering rejections.
Now it’s time
For pre-selection
Of candidates
With all their
Varied predilections,
Listening to
Their voice projection,
Subjecting them
To close dissection.
But after
Careful circumspection
For most of them
There is rejection.
Finally today’s
The day of the election.
After all
That national introspection
There’s been the
Ballot box collection.
Some scrutineers
Show disaffection.
Wait! Ours show joy!
The Party’s had a resurrection!
Oh perfection!
The others now can feel rejection!
And yes, I do believe I have it!
At last, a real erection!


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