Maintaining Rage

Malcom Fraser –
Once you were
“Kerr’s cur”
And still are so for me,
In Australian history
For destroying
Our democracy.
Softer now and
Old and grey,
Elder statesman,
All that evil
Gone away?
Still you represent
For me
The worst
By which
Society is cursed:
Of a by-gone age,
Once denier of
My suffrage.
Many have forgot
Those things.
I have not.
Even Gough may
Have forgiven you
Again I say
That I have not.


Ad Astra, 07/01/11, Patricia WA What a fine addition to TT’s piece you have penned – simple but powerful.

Talk Turkey,
08/01/11, Patricia WA, Thank you for your staunch poem “Maintaining Rage”. When I see Malcolm Fraser I still seethe with rage and contempt, remembering always his duplicity and low cunning, his treachery and betrayal of the best traditions of Parliament, his supercilious imperious born-to-rule manner while in power, his blubbering self-pity when we got the bastard out, and his sanctimonious self-justification ever since. He broke the heart of the greatest social reformer this nation ever saw, in the giant person of Gough Whitlam, and derailed programs which if they had been seen through would have seen this country at the forefront of Every-Thing.

I could go on………compared to Howard and Abbortt who have no decency at all. It would seem he really was raised with a sort of noblesse oblige attitude, very much like Shakespeare’s characterisation of Brutus in Shakespeare’s (historically inventive) play, “Julius Caesar”. You like parallels Patois, well yeah, in that telling the high-minded but naive patrician Brutus (yes patrician, Patricia!) Anyway that’s how Fraser is trying to portray himself, and while it might be true to an extent . . . .. . .. .. . NO! NO ! NO-NO-NO-NO-NO ! Not until and unless he apologises, and I want to see copious sad blubbering truly sorry tears. Given that, IF he specifically apologised to Gough, well then alone could I forgive him. And then I could. Grudgingly maybe, but yes.

You did include benevolence as one of Fraser’s attitudes. Would that Abbortt had some!

Oh yes, Patricia WA, I meant to ask, what meanest thou about ‘denier of my suffrage’?


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