Kevin the Terrible of Australia

This man has sinned.
He is undone because found out.
Men everywhere complain.
His crimes are broadcast far and wide.
He is unfit for public office.
He was once seen in a night club.
He has berated an air hostess.
He has worked too hard.
He has expected too much of others.
He engenders fear in colleagues
Such that none will speak ill of him
And all comport themselves well.
He has publicly eaten his own ear wax.
He has raised his voice in interview
With redoubtable Red Kerry.
He once privately expressed impatience
With agents of all powerful China.

His affectation of a gentle mien,
Pretence of domestic harmony
With loving wife, cat, dog and
Loyal children does not convince.
Nor does his bringing us prosperity
Amidst the chaos of a broken world.
There his greatest wrongdoing has been
To place the welfare of the common man,
The national economy and body politic
Before the powerful interests
Of international conglomerates.
Whose rights to the riches of our land
Transcend all others.
All this because of anger in his heart
Against a father now long dead.
For that he still attacks
The powerful, the great, the good,
Our mighty mining magnates,
Heroic men, more fathers to this nation,
More generous to us their media sons,
Than this would-be patricide.


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