Is Tony Abbott ‘peddling’ ideas or just recycling them?

How else to break monotony
With only thoughts for company?
Wheels whirl out ideas for me.
They roll out in a litany.

How can we win a lot more votes?
Keep a count on asylum boats!
That’ll get lots of headline quotes
And keep the Greens at Labor throats.

Unemployed should be down the mines.
Get bludgers off their fat behinds.
Objectors should pay heavy fines.
That’s bound to win some hearts and minds
So what about the nation’s health?
For that I’ll need a bit more stealth.
Why aren’t they active like myself?
I don’t rely on the Commonwealth!

Nearly there, another twenty miles!
Soon media crowding in the aisles
Will grab my latest for their files.
My party men will be all smiles.

The press they seek me everywhere
They seek me here, they seek me there
Like that Pom, no, not Tony Blair,
The one who gave the French a scare.

That’s me – ‘the scarlet’ – bloody hell!
That’s too red for a Liberal sell.
The man who’ll sound that Rudd’s death knell,
Is’ Abbott – True Blue Pimpernel.’

They can be blue or red, you see,
He really knows his botany.
All those years in the seminary
He learned much more than casuistry.


Miglo,     22/08/13,     Thank you Patricia for another gem. :)




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