How low does Joe have to go?

When will polls get so low
They can deal a death blow
To this lumbering dumbo?

Look, his budget address
Really failed to impress
As he tried to suppress
Poor economic prowess.
Even dour Andrew Robb
An old hand with their mob
Although hiding a sob
Couldn’t do a good job.
By being explicit
How they’d fix the de – ficit
So fast we might miss it
He failed to elicit
Praise from reporters.
But mining supporters
And mineral exporters
Just loved all that slaughter
Of programs for new schools
For broadband and hospitals.
They had seen likely stools
In these Liberal fools
And given cash on condition
The whole Coalition
Would promise revision
Of Swan’s new provision
For all mines to pay tax
To a reasonable max.
It was knowing these facts
Made pal Joey relax
And fail to give data
To journos their starter
And made him ‘non grata’
A Red Kezza martyr.
But he’s out there today
And still waffling away
With his old debt cliches
Nothing useful to say

How much further to go
Before sloppy old Joe
Gets his final K.O.
Leaving me with a warm inner glow?


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