Et tu, LP?

Poor Kevin Rudd
They’re out for his blood.
Whatever he does
There’s always a buzz
To find the right spin
His plans to unpin.
If he changes tack
They’re soon on his back.
Turn the other cheek?
That makes him look weak!
He’s coming on strong?
They’ll find something wrong.
You’re Right? so the Left
Are guilty of theft.
That’s par for the course
For Labor’s workhorse.
And usually friends
For that make amends.
But that’s true no more.
Seems everyone’s sore.
Look at the Greens
All crying ‘Unclean!’
In every fight
They side with the right.
Even here at LP
So many will see
Whatever is wrong
And join the singsong
Of plaint and surmise.
You love to chastise!
Yes, that’s how it looks.
But check betting books.
Let’s all stop the sweat.
Rudd’’s still a good bet.
Two to one he’ll win.
He’ll still romp it in!
Won’t he?


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