Come on! Tony’s No Phony! Is He?

Surely not deflowered
Just because Mr. Howard
Once made a great favourite of him?

This man was unfrocked
But should not be mocked
For he has confessed to his sin.

Like other abbotts
He’s got bad habits
To which he admits with a grin.

But Senator Joyce
Of late gave some voice
To issues that go beyond spin.

Is Tony on rations?
Or does he have passions
For ‘others’ – or only for liberal wimmin?

Let’s give due deference
To sexual preference
With respect for the man within.

In political life
He’s often in strife,
But always at ease showing skin.

Looming elections
May show predilections,
Especially if he has a win.

But like Gordon Brown
He’ll know how to go down,
Taking the outcome on the chin.

With Australia the prize,
Soon all will be wise.
Then we’ll see judgements begin.

Is he like the rodent?
Let’s pray he’s impotent,
And can’t get it up to get in!


Cud Chewer,     10/11/10,     Thanks,    Patricia,


Smithe and TLBD – elections and ejections bring to mind erections

Posted Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 2:09 am |

……….and other rhymes.


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