Come in Spinner!

More than Tony’s wheels were spinning
On that long ride for charity.
Ideas for election winning
Emerged with greater clarity.

We can now see that Action Man
Does more than cycle, run and surf.
He has conceived an Action Plan.
It’s here for you to judge its worth.

First priority is national debt.
It must come down, there is no choice.
It must not any deeper get,
As we’ve been warned by Barnaby Joyce.

For owners of small business
We will their labour force inspire
Encouraging more easiness
In rules on how to hire and fire.

Protect the borders of our nation?
We understand your natural fear!
We’ll stop illegal immigration!
Our policy on this is very clear.

Read our policies on water!
You farmers battling Labor’s drought,
We’ll ask the nation what we oughta
Do when we are back and they are out.

By the way – ‘the environment’ –
We do care, as a matter of fact.
But with its ETS the government
Has given us something to attack.

Now to our most important care,
About protecting Private Health.
Sorry! There is a misprint there.
That really should read: ‘Private Wealth.’


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