An ‘Inside-Out’ View Of Things

I am told by the Insiders,
On the national news provider,
That Labor’s brand’s been trashed.
Their electoral hopes are dashed.
That’s what they say the papers say.
I wonder if it really is that way?
They didn’t say the economy has ailed
To show how government has failed.
Nor asked why we are overjoyed
So few of us are unemployed.
Instead they claim our PM and his ruling clique
Have shown themselves to be too weak
In letting the Coalition win on the ETS
Supported by the Greens not saying yes.
They talked of members of the ALP
Whispering tales of disunity.
Caucus is scared and Rudd’s so grim
They will not publicly stand up to him.
That’s right.  In private he’s said to be so tough
They cannot tell their leader he’s not tough enough!
Of course this is the Land Downunder
But, really, is it any wonder,
I feel as if the world’s turned upside down,
When a government internationally renowned
For strong, effective decisive action
Is dragged down by the damaging distraction
Of media commentators turning truth about.
Isn’t there some way to turn ‘Insiders’ out?


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