A Broadcasting Legend

I’m informally told by Mr. David Marr
There is nothing at all bizarre
In last night’s conduct of Kerry O’Brien
Which was typical of an aging lion.

It should be seen as a last and mighty roar
Before death arrives and he is heard no more.
Wrongly interpreted by some as hubris
He is suffering the ‘fading star’ neurosis.

Of late he feels the loss of former power
And seeks out easy game to torture and devour
Before his audience, and doesn’t give a damn
Whether or not his victim really is a lamb.

So as he ambles off, with mind and faculties grown dim,
Will he see, as friendly childhood ‘forests’ call to him,
The vengeful wolf who lopes behind with loathing,
In his mouth a bloodied skin, yesterday’s protective clothing?

adrian J une 18, 2010 Hey Patricia WA, you bring a certain class to this ‘umble blog.

Tim Macknay June 18, 2010 Very nice, Patricia WA @52. The last verse is particularly evocative.


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