The Bounds of Friendship (Apologies to S&G)

G’day, Tony, my old mate
It’s good we’ve got this time though late
An hour away from cameras shooting
Cheering crowds and lefties hooting
Feeling safe with no one to debate
About my fate
Which once was such a jumble.

Since my early days at school
Watching you play Aussie Rules
Listening to your public speaking
My young mind a hero seeking
Saw in you everything that I thought cool.
Someone who’ll
Never will be humbled

Though our paths diverged for years
On our different careers
With your fame so widely speading
You showed the way I should be heading
Still I feared those catcalls and the jeers
Commie smears
Might get you to tumble

Here we are together now
Every day for our pow wow
I am back from country hustings
You the polls show records busting
The dream now real once carried only as a vow
We never row
And never have been rumbled

So now let’s all the doubts suspend
It’s time for secrecy to end
And with our Coalition flag unfurled
Proudly let us tell the world
This relationship cannot offend
Its open end
Means no more National grumbles.

Listen Barney my old pal
I’m having problems with morale
Liberals out there are complaining
Our popularity is waning
And the rumor’s all around the mall
The Bishop gal
Is talking now to Turnbull

Sorry one time little friend
Time for you back home to wend
Queensland’s looking for a premier
So I thought that we could send yer
Up there the budget to amend
It’s that or end
Up dead in my first tumbril.


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