The Ballad of Oz King Kev

King Kevin’s in Heaven and Therese is there too
With a smile on her face and a wave of her hand
She’s making it Rein all over Oz land,
Thus leaving fire rangers with nothing to do.

So Tony goes biking then surfing instead
Of fire fighting which gives him more cred.
Well that’s what bossy Nick Minchin has said.

But down at the beach Malingerer’s there
With fistfuls of dollars he’s happy to share.
So no one wants Tony no matter how bare.

Later sloppy old Joe comes ambling along.
Tony says “let’s do a show with a jig and a song”
The crowd gets excited.

Bronzed Tony’s delighted.
He flexes his muscles and dances and shuffles.
Get ‘em off, Joe, he whispers we’re winning.

He doesn’t know trouble is only beginning.
Cos Joe’s a team player and does as he’s told
He gets off his gear and he dances real bold.

Tony show pony he should’ve known
How ugly not snuggly
Budgy smugglers can be
And should never be shown.

The crowd goes so wild
With booing and hooting
Aah! Then there’s the shooting!

Joe lies there cold.
He’ll never grow old.
He should’ve listened to John
Who said “I’m the one!”
He was right. They were wrong.

Kevin’s in Heaven
There’s plenty of Rein
The farmers are voting for Labor again.


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