Sexual Political Conundra Downunder

Sexual Politics Downunder
Can be a nine day wonder
Even Larvatus Prodeo
Holds a raunchy rodeo.
Rudd seems robotic.
While Abbott’s quixotic.
Julia say’s HECS
Matters far more than sex.

There’s hundreds of pollies.
How do they get their jollies?
Does Nicola Roxon
Keep even her socks on?
Does Barnaby Joyce
Ever get any choice?
Bob Brown as we know
Gives the other a go.

Julie’s glare it is said
Will knock any man dead.
Does Iron Bar Tuckey
Ever get lucky?
Does poor Warren Truss
Get the occasional buss?
Sophie Mirabella
Is herself a novella

And why does that Conroy
Think the web’s just a sex toy?

Etcetera ad infinitum……….


Sue,     25/04/12,    patriciawa,  time to add a few verses!!

Patriciawa,     25/04/12,    I’ve been wondering how to deal with Slippergate!




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