Message from Oz to Boat People

You’re welcome in Australia,
Land of the young and free,
We offer hands of friendship
Unless you come by sea.

We know your stories one and all.
Widow, orphan, soldier amputee,
However did you get this far
Beyond the Arafura Sea?

New Zealand’s not so far away
They’d listen to your plea
If you can travel that bit more
And cross the Tasman Sea.

Why try to get here anyway?
You’ll just become a detainee.
Why not stay in Lombok where
You won’t feel all at sea.

This is a harsh and arid place
Our borders lack security
You wouldn’t feel at home at all
Entirely girt by sea.

Shun the people smugglers
Who ask a hefty fee,
Cos Aussie ships may tow you back
Across the Timor Sea.

In our cities it’s impossible
To rent or buy a property.
This wide brown land is clearly full.
Why can’t you bludgers see?

ewe2 March 13th, 2010 Well done Patricia, you’ve encapsulated the obsession with sea immigration

New last verse 25/06/2010

There’s a new PM in Canberra.
What will her message be?
Herself a ten pound immigrant
Who surely came by sea!


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