Germaine Rules! Okay?

You should all be furious
How we the wives
Feature in the lives
Of many Aussie pollies!

Aren’t any of you curious
To know if we have pined
While out sight and out of mind
As they enjoy their funded jollies.

Don’t you find it spurious
It’s only when they’re in a bind
P R Os some way will find
To put us centre stage, like dollies!

Please understand it is injurious
And appallingly unkind
To ask us to forgive and put behind
The shame of all their latest follies.

We live by rules of St. Censurius
Who has us all still ironing shirts
Obliged to go to work in skirts
Not in pants, by all that’s Holy!

How come we have forgot Her holy writ which caused such wonder!
Oh, how it changed the rhymes that used to sing so loud inside our heads.
Time for revolution once again, women of the right or left. Time to leave those fractious feds.
Please forgive us dear Ms Greer. You’re still germane and welcome here – Downunder.


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