Does The Manly Member Train Too Much?

In the garden, with my gnomes,
Tony fills my head with pomes.

Digging in this soil so stoney
Somehow I have thoughts of only
That marvellous show pony
Our Coalition leader, Tony.

Howard we know is his great crony.
As well, because of his religione,
Even Sylvio Berlusconi
Might be working for our Tony!

All this running could leave him lonely.
Instead it makes him very bony.
So now he carbo loads on macaroni
So his body beautiful stays ‘toney’.

Some say he talks so much baloney
That many Aussies think he’s phoney.
They claim election day will only
Bring disaster to our Tony.

But I think, then he will be free –
And able to go home, you see.
At last he’ll be the man he said he’d be
The day our Tony married Margie.

ewe2 29 March – Our PM ‘mal-function? Surely not when competing against our Tone.
Like you I’ve been thinking about Tone and wishing him well…. well, I mean wishing…….
Perhaps the Manly member might suffer from soaking in the sea, or a banging against the bike


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