Barnaby’s Choice – Apologies to Hobson!

Barnaby, Oh Barnaby,
What is it you’re gunnabe
In our Shadow Ministry?
Asks Tony who is Coalition One I.C.
I’m giving you the choice to be
Whatever it is you wannabe
When we run Oz eventually.

How about diplomacy?.
You’d have to talk real tactfully.
No? Well let me see,
Climate and the I.P.P.C?
That’s not your cup of tea?
Didn’t you work in accountancy?
It’s obvious – take Treasury!

Wonderful! Says Barnaby.
Great idea! Why, there I’d be
Real use to my constituency,
Changing every license fee
Like that for cutting down a tree.
I can tear apart the A.L.P.
Show how they caused the G.F.C.

‘N Rudd ruined our economy
By borrowing Chinese currency.
But best of all I shall be
Well placed to sack Ken Henery
And stop his foul conspiracy
To sequestrate our forestry
To build his wombat sanctuary!

But Joe’s says he wants Treasury
He’s always been a pal to me
There’s just one choice that’s left you see
It’s Joyce for Finance Ministry!


Barnaby Joyce,  Leader of the Nationals in the Senate, and the only qualified Chartered Accountant in the House, was briefly appointed Shadow Finance Minister in the Senate when Tony Abbott first became Leader of the Opposition.   In February, 2010, Joyce declared that Australia was “going to hock to our eyeballs to people overseas” and was “getting to a point where we can’t repay it“. This led to a response from the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Glenn Stevens, that he had “yet to meet a finance minister who has ever mused any possibility about debt default of his own country” and that there were “few things less likely than Australia defaulting on its sovereign debt“.

After the 2010 election, with the establishment of the Labor government supported by Independents, Barnaby became the Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water and Leader of the Nationals in the Senate.


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