An Aussie Lad (Apologies to A.E.H)

From Mal to Tony the pref’rence turns,
The Libs have made it plain,
Afar and wide their hope returns,
Ambitions burn again.

Look left, look right, the future’s bright,
As if no poll there’d been.
Tony will win the day and plight
His troth to save the Queen.

Now, when the flames of climate change
Burn Australian bush and sod,
Lads, remember Cath’lic friends of his
Will intercede with God.

Good girls who know their place a’right,
Whose mothers bred them brave
Enough to serve yet not to fight
High office they’ll not crave.

Headlines in Asia, web comments show,
Everywhere tis said,
Tone’s Clancy of the Overflow:
Nationals’ pride no longer dead.

Barnaby takes the fight to country towns
Afar and wide he tours,
And fires the beacons up and down
Denouncing Labor’s evil laws.

“God save the Queen” the Liberals sing,
From East to West ’tis heard;
Maybe William should be king.
That’s also on the cards.

Policies can change, fear not!
We’ll be again the men we’ve been.
The party now in Tony’s got
A leader like you’ve never seen!


Casey, 18/01/10,  Patricia well done, well done again.


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