Abbott Misfires – Arson Charge? – In My Dreams! .

Tony Abbott’s famous trial
Created headlines mile on mile,
His guilt it seems writ large,
Cos arson was the charge.

He’d set Waringah all aflame
So he’d achieve much wide acclaim
In fighting back the fire till it was dead.
That’s what the prosecution said.

But remember Tony is a local hero.
The chances of his guilt seem zero.
Of all his colleagues none defected,
Had petitions far and wide collected.

When at last he had his day in court,
He stood there manly as he ought,
Proclaiming he was innocent
With absolutely nothing to repent.

His lawyers claim in his defence
He’d unwittingly been influenced
By a ‘sacred and mysterious weed’
When teaching Aboriginals to read.

The trial is long and still on-going.
National debate just keeps on growing.
How likely is it judge and jury
Will acquit, and blame instead – Pituri?


Jane, 10/02/11, Patriciawa, great poem.

Min, 10/02/11, Patricia..that’s brilliant. I had almost forgotten about Abbott’s Lawrence of Arabia moment.

Miglo, 10/02/11, Bravo, Patricia. Worth getting up in the middle of the night to read.


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