Giovanne, Caro! Are you John Barilaro? ICAC might like a word. ‘Pork bariling’ I heard.

Dear John, We ladies say,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         We all think you should stay                                                                                                                              In Jerrabomberra,                                                                                                                                               Your home, close to Canberra.                                                                                                                  You got the job! Okay.
Problem was your fore play! 
Planning - now that's an art,
More than a fling or fart.
Giovanni, it's plain to see,
Your flawed candidacy                                                                                                                                                   Can't compare to the best.
Applicants like Jenny West;
There's a good woman who 
Could do a job on you!
Still, Oz prisons do serve pork, 
Not like in today's New York.                                                                                                                                                                                               

NOTES: This pome is for John Barilaro who asked, “All I did was apply for a job. What did I do wrong? I got offered a job and I accepted a job.” I wondered about that too. I see Ronnie Salt on Twitter explained his recent shenanigans brilliantly! Her commentaries, and Wikipedia give a much fuller account of his life and ‘career’ during when he seems to have imagined himself as a great Lothario and ‘did a job‘ on many women. Thanks to Ronnie, though, it’s all very clear what he did wrong in taking that job from Jenny West. So I think I’ll try to post the sort of Dear John letter which one or other of his ill-done-by ‘amores’ or victims might like. Most of us wimmin know that a ‘Dear John’ letter is a very determined “Goodbye!” and to that I wanted to add a bit of bite, not spite so much as revenge. Then I discovered that neither pork nor bacon are served in New York prisons! Now, I don’t think John would like it if the FBI detained him over there! No ‘pork bariling’ allowed!

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Une Lettre Pour Un Bon Ami!

Bonjour, Cher Monsieur, le Président!
Merci bien! Vous avez dit la verite
Pour presque tout le monde ici!
So – G’day mate – hope it’s not too late
For us down here‘en Australie’
Pour nous to show that we did agree,
Que nous étions en unisson
Avec vous, cher Monsieur Macron.
Nous Aussies, certainement,

Had known trop longtemps
Que notre PM avait menti souvent!
You helped Oz to send him on his way, and say,
“Allez-vous en Menteur Morrison!

Notes: The image above reminds me of the frank comment made by The President of France M. Macron about our national ‘leader’ back in 2021. The submarine deal and its financial/defence ramifications were nothing compared with the feelings of shame so many Australians felt about the trashing of our reputation for being a straight and honest people, however multicultural we may be. It was a significant factor in our recent election. (I have long wanted to publish these few lines I wrote back then and now I can without fear of a arrest or some legal writ landing on my doorstep, satirically speaking, of course!) So thank you again, M. Macron from a little old lady ‘en Australie‘ who once enjoyed your country and its people, working as an ‘au paire avec la famille Duval a Tours’ in 1956!

Encore une fois, Merci! From Patriciawa.

PS 20/06/2022 Trust you go well in your own election en France, Cher M. le President!

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Oz Is Ready For The Reds! The Blues Are Truly Blue!

Remember the Budget in 2019?  A 7:30 ‘news’ transmission?
Used as free election hustings for the Coalition?
PM Morrison claimed we were ‘Back in Black’
That was a big lie, we now see looking back.

Three years on, a ‘pollie’ clearly not lyin’-
Independent candidate Dr Monique Ryan,
Has replaced Josh, as member for Kooyong,
He’d rested on his laurels for far too long.

The National Party of the Coalition,
Still can’t agree that we must transition,
Climate change is here and it is real,
Not invented by an independent Teal!

So Oz has chosen Labor, all heart, blood red,
Uluru Statement, education, healthy children well fed,
A working wage and oldies in good care.
Here’s our Australia – just, free and fair!

Notes: I wrote this a week before the election, wondering if Australians were ready for an ALP government at last, then was side-tracked by the last week of the campaign so forgot to post it! Turns out, I was somewhat prophetic in my writing and we’ve all downed a few few glasses of red since then! I’ve had to do some minor adjustments on my pome, like changing question marks to exclamations, but I think it fits the occasion now!

Here in the West we were all MORE than ready for more reds on Saturday at 9.00 pm our time, with 72 ALP seats and winning! We’re still to reach that magic number 76 and soon we’ll be flying even higher! Now we have the Teals and Greens etc in the mix we see those LNP blues are really BLUE. Three days after the election, our Labor govt is already working; our new PM and Foreign Minister are in QUAD talks in Japan, those three flags are firmly placed for more strong messages and media announcements to the nation from Parliament House. Minister Burney MP is moving on the Uluru Statement. ICAC is not far away. Change is here! What else is there to say?

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Happy Birthday To Scott?

Happy Birthday to Scott?
Could be the last he’s got!
Soon Oz will make its choice,
Can he hear the people’s voice?

Let’s hope so! Anyway,
From now on, let’s all pray,
Friday, thirteenth of May,
Scott’ll have many another in-Auspicious day!

Note: It really is his birthday! He won’t be happy on birthdays ahead of him if many of us have our way! We all know about Friday 13th, don’t we? It’s doggerel, so forgive the mismatch of second verse! By the way, I don’t seem to have seen other references to his birthday in the media. Am I right?

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Is Josh trying the Abbott 2010 Budgie Smuggler Trick?

Is this a re-hash of ‘old hat’ Liberal bait, aimed at voters, females and males?
Modestly, dressed to please Conservative men now the LNP are on the rails?
Clever ‘outsider’ Josh though cheerful isn’t joking, clad from neck to knee,
Is of multi-cultural Australian family, healthy, fit to rule, and as all can see.

He’s no ‘big swinging dick’ whose ilk has Ms Bishop complain.
Can Country folk look to him in crises when there’s little or too much rain?
So, tomorrow will there be more budget bribes on offer
To be paid for from the national coffer?

Or can he show he’s not praying for another miracle like PM Morrison
But preparing himself for a much longer run,
Knowing that true government is a marathon not a sprint?
Win or lose, he’ll stay on as Leader of the Opposition, do his stint!

Note: Reviewing this on the Winter Solstice, 21/06/22, and a month into PM Albanese’s new government it’s pretty clear that what Josh’s last minute manoevring with his ‘liberal’ mates just did not work out……….

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Our PM is sick! He needs a rest! In isolation!

Our PM is sick, needs a rest!
Just when we need him at his best!
Take care of yourself, PM!
Meanwhile, pro tem,
Let your Deputy take over!
Then you’ll soon recover!
You said yourself,
“Australia’s a great nation!”
We’re not given to mass perturbation!

Just rest now! PM, please!
Stay home in bed, at ease
And health restoring self-isolation.
Ask Jen! She knows what’s best!
You’d surely have a nice lie down at her behest!
She’d love to see more benefit accrue,
To both of you,
By that I mean, to Barnaby, not One Nation!

Notes: It’s 24/06/22. We’re well into our new Labor government, so these lines written for now EX PM, Scott Morisson, are well out of date and I’m tempted to delete them entirely. Media commentary suggests he may never recover from his removal from both home and office. So for the moment I’ll leave this piece to rest. Maybe I’ll can re-cycle it one day, perhaps an obit or similar brief comment?

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Amazing Grace.

“Amazing Grace!”

Isn’t that our PM’s favorite hymn?

Did he pray for a souvenir snap with him?

But this photo-op shows ‘preyed-on’ victim.

All year he’s ignored ‘The Cause’ of her fame,

To give voice to women, shout out names

Of bullies for whom it’s often a game

For their gangs to play again and again.

Sometimes a good cop shows up and they’re caught,

‘News’ writes a story and juicy report

Of fighting, screaming, how wildly she fought!

Yet often the case is thrown out of court.

Other abuse, more discretely played out

Was in some High Office when staff weren’t about.

In Confession poor innocents found out

No help would be had from those thought devout.

Now headlines are hers because she refused

To nicely behave as he wants her to;

To pretend yet again she likes being used.

That’s why Australians all say, “Grace, we love you!

You beat him!” Framed picture-perfect for us too!                                                                                  

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What should I call this modern age?

What should I call this modern age?                                                                                           
I ask myself, putting pen to page,                                                                                       
Trying to describe the world I see,                                                                                   
Which continually surprises me?                                                                                           
Men carry babies on their chests,                                                                                         
Once seen only at the breast,                                                                                       
Even when hand-fed from a bottle                                                                                             
By a mother going at full throttle,                                                                                     
Rushing from home to work elsewhere                                                                                   
To pay to place her child in all-day care.                                                                                     
Is this the Revolution of Today?                                                                                 
Maternité?   Paternité?   Egalité?

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Revolutionary Times?

Posted on August4/09/2020

What should I call this modern age,
I ask myself, putting pen to page
Trying to describe the world I see
Which continually surprises me.
Men carry babies on their chests,
Once seen only at the breast,
Even when hand-fed from a bottle
By a mother going at full throttle,
Rushing from home to work elsewhere
To pay to place her child  in all-day care.
Is this the Revolution of today?
Maternite?  Paternite?  Egalite?


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Keep The Kids In School?

Please!   Legislators, regulators and parents, please don’t close our schools and kindies! With or without this Corona virus  pandemic kids are always safer supervised at school.  Historical data every year shows they suffer more deaths and injury, in their hundreds, if  unsupervised, by accident at home after school hours, weekends and holidays.  At school, they, along with mums and dads, can be readily kept up to date and well informed by teachers who’ll remind them regularly about washing hands and other healthy habits.  Our schools and education system are a great  communication system for  the nation.   Forget about sports rorts scandals, make sure our children get regularly out in the fresh air and playing games with their friends, competing in sports, not self isolated at home and watching news on tele!

Parents don’t need net links and ‘pomes’ like mine to underline this for them. They know themselves, when they’re at work, their kids are safest and keeping up at school.  So I won’t write one this time!


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