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Man Up

I watched the ABC program this evening on Aussie masculinity.  I was interested to see how boys and men in Oz experience life and growing up today compared with three quarters of a century ago in working class wartime England.  Back then it seemed to me my own four brothers were somehow privileged and that as a girl I was disadvantaged, and always struggling to hold my own against them and other boys.  I don’t think I gave much thought to their National Service for two years which could involve them in military training for war on battlefields in Korea once the Germans and the Japanese were beaten in 1945.  Even so I certainly didn’t imagine that boys and men born no matter where in the western world were many times more likely to kill themselves even in peacetime than were women.  I go to bed with these verses in my head written many years ago.

My Neighbour Died The Other Day.   

My neighbor died the other day, by his own hand.
Was he trying to make me understand
What it was he had in mind, what it was he planned?
Was he hoping for one last helping hand,
When he stood out there beneath that fateful tree
And said,  “You’ll be sorry.  Just wait, you’ll see!
You’ll wish that you had been more kind to me.”
With hindsight that’s as clear as any threat could be.

That’s what I feel,  my unspoken point of view.
To his family, I hear,  he’d given not a clue
That this was something he planned to do.
He didn’t say to them, “I’m going to punish you.”
He left no message, however brief,
With explanation, offering some relief
From the horror and the shock beyond belief,
Assuaging guilt and what will be unending grief.

NOTES:  Suicide has rarely impinged on my own life or the family circumstances of those around me  though issues of gender equity often have in a very real way.  Social scientists have researched and written much about the gender disparity in suicide rates no matter where in the world. Tonight’s program had me re-thinking my experience of  what seemed to me a very un-fair go in my working life here in a Land Down Under.  How ironic is that?  That hit was sung by Men at Work in the birthplace of Germaine Greer, near contemporary of mine, world-wide champion of  Women’s Lib!

But why is what comes to mind no militant chant for women’s rights to equality, but rather this long ago regret for the sadness of that neighbor who seemed so rough and tough when he told me how one day I’d be sorry!  I should have been more kind to him!

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Adam Delivers the Goodes For Sophie And Many Other Fans!

Adam Goodes helped Sophie with her kicking.

What a great picture and story behind it to come out of the Adam Goodes controversy! Reading about Adam Goodes and his dance demonstration against the booing of some footie fans, I was very touched by the story of his meeting with  Sophie Wrigley.   I look forward to reading more about her and her courage.  I’m  not just talking about her standing up for her hero by being a Sydney Swans supporter while living in Geelong!   I am so impressed by the way she has dealt with her lifelong disability caused by pre-natal cerebral palsy.  I see too that she is also the only girl in the Grovedale under-12s footy team.  Now that shows real nerve!

So here for Sophie are the lines which kept running through my head as I read about Adam Goodes and all the fine work he has done for Australia and for Aboriginal people as well as being a great footie player.   I’m sure Sophie knows about Robin Hood who was my own hero at the Saturday morning pictures way back in the the last century.

Aussie Rules!

Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes,  on the field again!
Adam Goodes,  Adam Goodes, out there with the men!
Booed by the bad, cheered by the good!                                                                                           Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!

Adam Goodes! Adam Goodes,  rose above the muck!
Adam Goodes, Adam Goodes, playing in the ruck!
Booed by the bad, cheered by the good!                                                                                           Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!

Adam Goodes! Adam Goodes,  not beating his chest!
Adam Goodes, Adam Goodes, fairest and the best!
Booed by the bad, cheered by the good!                                                                                            Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!

Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes,  Australian Of The Year!
Adam Goodes,  Adam Goodes, see him throw that spear!
Booed by the bad, cheered by the good!                                                                                           Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!  Adam Goodes!

POST SCRIPT     20/09/15     Adam Goodes at age 35 officially retired yesterday with much praise from commentators, accolades from fellow players and regrets expressed by many about the remaining culture of racism in the sport he so excelled in.

POST POST SCRIPT    09/12/15   Talking about Adam’s retirement and the unpleasantness  which marred it with the racist issue,  Stan Grant on ABC Radio today asks  among other things …………“Is this who we want to be?”

POST POST POST SCRIPT   28/07/16  it was not until July, 2016, that Adam seems to have found some sort of peace of mind about all this when the AFL held a formal breakfast at the SCG honoring the contribution to the game made by Goodes and fellow indigenous Swans players,  Mike Pyke and Rhyce Shaw.   The AFL apologised to him and other retired Swans for the racist booing displayed at so many AFL games without comment or reproof from managers, but AFL chief Gillon McLachlan conceded they should have done so earlier.

04/09/16     Still too soon to write of ‘closure’ on this issue.


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Can The Camera Lie?

Unvarnished and strategic: Tony Abbott with US President Barack Obama. Who said the camera cannot lie?                                                                                                     It’s surely not so long ago?                                                                                                                      But now worldwide we hear the sigh                                                                                                    That politicans in the know                                                                                                               Can make that very truth a lie.

But surely here we see the truth!                                                                                              Barack Obama had to sit                                                                                                                 With the PM, our dear Tony.                                                                                                                  So, forced to listen to his shit,                                                                                                              He thought, “For once, let’s show the truth!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         So, for Australians all to see,                                                                                                              You’d almost say he had it planned,                                                                                                    “This guy here, sitting beside me,                                                                                                    Where’s he from?  Oh!  Downunderland!                                                                                           Come on Ozzies!  Come on!  Look!   See!

He’s no man at all!  Your Tony!                                                                                                         He’s just a fake!  Yeah! A phony!”

NOTES Check out the image. – It’s very appropriately titled: Unvarnished and strategic: Tony Abbott with US President Barack Obama. Photo: Andrew Meares.

Thank you Andrew, the camera man!                                                                                                  I know now that very often,                                                                                                           Just like many politicians,                                                                                                                  Even dreaded statisticians,                                                                                                                     The camera does not lie!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Where you’re shooting from matters!                                                                                                  A girl’s reputation in tatters                                                                                                         When Monica was named a Slut,                                                                                                    Hot news for rightist views, a butt.                                                                                                  No jokes by blokes if Bill should die?

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I Recant.

I recant my too long held views,
On Malcolm Fraser who is dead.
He was once often headline news,
Which this ‘leftie’ always read.

He was interviewed – ‘post mortem’
Live?  On our ABC last night!
Watching and listening to him,
I confess, on this he was ‘right’….

Life is not meant to be easy,
But it can certainly delight!


I wrote this ‘recantation’ for  the Political Sword, my favorite blog site,  the day after I posted there my first reaction in verse shown below to the news of Malcom Fraser’s death on March 20th, 2015.   A regular contributor there, Talk Turkey, a man with good Labor blood in his veins, seems to have, like me, maintained the rage……

Patricia, last week I defined my thoughts on Malcolm Fraser.  He was never big enough to apologise, to Gough ………and for that I cannot forgive him.  And you should feel proud of maintaining your rage until his death. You say it very well indeed in verse.

Talk Turkey is spot on there.  There is not a hint or record anywhere of Fraser having apologised to Gough.   So perhaps it explains why these still somewhat angry ‘pomes’ emerged as my response to his passing.  Yet the the death of my Labor hero, former PM E.G. Whitlam, seems not to have moved me to write at all.  Or perhaps I sensed that more than justice had been done to him and his achievements by the many memorial articles written and eulogies spoken late last year, by leading Australians.    Of particular note, of course, was Noel Pearson’s eulogy for Gough.

So. here we are then, my response to 2353 and his comment therein about….Former Prime Minister Fraser resigning from the Liberal Party. 

“Well, now he has died, passed on and he really is history!   What are my thoughts today?”

March 22, 2015.    All Passion Spent?   Malcolm Fraser’s Passing.

“Kerr’s cur” to me he’ll always be!
Why should his passing sadden me?
Though Gough may have long forgiven
That one great sin, never shriven
By this man, its perpetrator,
I, lifelong Tory hater,
Have all these years “maintain(ed) the rage,”
Never able to turn the page,
Acknowledge his recent history,
Nor understand the mystery
Of this media rush to praise a
Long time  ‘Liberal’  – Malcolm Fraser.

Am I really that unforgiving?  Cynical?  Perhaps I should have second thoughts, write this differently?  Yet, even while questioning my first  reaction, something similar comes up.

So, Gough forgave him,
Seemed to have forgot
Words which I have not.
He exhorted us
To “Maintain the rage!”
Now, despite my age,
I still remember
How in November,
Nineteen seventy five,
I first came alive
To politics here
Where there’d been a ‘coup,’
Brought on by you,
Malcolm Fraser,  “Kerr’s cur!”

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Was it just over a month ago
Fremantle for me was all aglow
With brave red poppies on the street?
Now everywhere I go I meet
Sunflowers, big leaved and tall,
Bold yellow against sky and wall.
From whence they came who can tell?
Untended and not watered well,
Under the glaring sun they stand,
Smiling, proclaiming, ”Ain’t life grand!”

PS  And here’s a picture from Fremantle where sunflowers  grow!”



I have to thank a real estate agent, Paul Donnelly, for lifting me out of my writer’s block and thinking about versifying again.   About sunflowers though, certainly not politics!  Not yet, anyway.   He has sent me, and I imagine every other householder in Freo,  a pack of ‘Sunbird’ sunflower seeds and suggested we plant them on our verges and in our gardens, photograph their progress and send them in to his photo competition.  Which I shall do, but that has sent me back to my polliepomes site to pull up a draft of a Sunflowers poem from a post I did for Cafe Whispers back in 2010.  Wow!  How time flies!

A natural extension of the poppies story came to me on my daily walks here in Fremantle. I have  always been impressed by the sunflowers growing wild on our streets every spring. as I leave the house for my morning walk with Tacker. They seem to be everywhere – on nature strips, alongside stone walls and fences and in quite a few gardens too where some people are happy to leave them wherever they’ve sprung up.

Back home, I grab the secateurs and cut some so that I can enjoy them indoors, just as Vincent Van Gogh did so famously more than a century ago.

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers

Sorry, I haven’t got the right jug or background to really recapture his mood! And I don’t yet know how to cut out the extraneous bits! Still, being very new to a digital camera and transferring these pictures to my computer I am beside myself with amazement at what I see before me! Inevitably though a poem emerged. So, in my own small way, I too have been inspired to create by sunflowers and write…….


Sadly though, this year 2014, there are far fewer sunflowers than in previous years.  My initially healthy little seedlings from Paul’s seeds have not not survived.   Surely those two very hot days shouldn’t have killed them off?   As far as I could see even before Christmas there were fewer young flowers on the street…….some…….but not as many as in previous years.   And that pre-dated our heat wave last week.     Does anyone know about sunflowers and their growth patterns?

POST SCRIPT, 12/12/15.    Had to make a note here of my discovery only today (or is it re-discovery?) of the Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei. I was drawn to his work ‘Sunflower Seeds’ once before, I think.  Anyway after his arrest in 2011 he was conditionally released in late 2015 and now recently  given his passport back and freedom to travel abroad.  Was this what I saw,  or has there been more recent news of him?  He seems to have been imprisoned and recently released in China since his days of international fame in assisting with the design of the Beijing Olympic Stadium.   Ostensibly his crime is not for his outspokenness but s0-called ‘economic’  crimes, or tax evasion.   After all, he did make millions out of his international fame, and particularly his ‘Sunflower Seeds’ which employed hundreds of ceramic craftsmen in the handmaking of millions of sunflower seeds.

Anyway today is a good day, at the  end of Spring and the start of Summer, 2015,  here in Western Australia to write about Sunflowers again since I have been garnering Sunflower seedlings from our suburban sidewalks  here.  Well not so much ‘garnering‘ as rescuing them since they were already wilting in the  early morning sun as Tacker and I walked down to the coffee strip for breakfast.  I’ll keep them alive and thriving as well as I can in my own front yard, aware, as each precious day passes in this my 80th year, that we all  live on borrowed, or is that gifted time?  Meantime we must,  Carpe Diem!


Patriciawa,  01/02/15,    Found the first few comments below on an old site when I was cleaning up and dumping stuff this morning.   Had second thoughts about trashing these, the first compliments I’d ever had on my writing!  Seems like yesterday Miglo (Michael Taylor) was encouraging me to write.  He published the Sunflowers poem there and I copied it all with the comments to my own site, not knowing then that I could just link it.   Amazing place, the Internet, isn’t it.

Cheryl Rourke,  30/12/10,    Wonderful sunflowers!

Mobius Ecko,    30/12/10.    Agree with the others Patricia, good effort!

Miglo,   30/12/10,   Thank you for this lovely post, Patricia

Lyn Sherwood,  30/12/10,   Great poem, and great photo (it could almost be Greece!).

Gillian,  30/12/10,   Lovely Mum.  The photos look fantastic too.  Well done.

nasking,   01/01/11,    Lovely Patricia. Poem & pics. Luv a positive thread. Thnx.

 Michael Taylor,     16/01/14,

……but that has sent me back to my polliepomes site to pull up a draft of a Sunflowers poem from a post I did for Cafe Whispers back in 2010….

Wow! How time flies!   Has it really been that long, Patricia? Incredible.     Or should I say – have I been around that long.   (Great to see you posting again though.)

Sarah Stapleton,  15/12/14.    Your poem makes me nostalgic for poppies! Lovely picture of the sunflowers on my boundary. Van Gogh is not bad either.

Patriciawa,  03/01/15.   Yes, Sarah, it is your boundary wall with its sunflowers. Lovely, isn’t it?

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J is for Julia and the Joy she gave.
U is for Us, so Useless to save
Labor while staying Loyal to her,
In spite of our Instinct that never
Again could we Australians be so proud of our name.

NOTES:   I thought I wouldn’t write another pome or post for this site, but I’ve just been struck by this paragraph and the above picture in the  accompanying article by Chloe Hooper  in  The Monthly.

Why was this intelligent, dedicated, conscientious, patriotic woman, loved by her staff, glowingly admired by the independent MPs who’d just helped her minority government pass the highest rate of legislation of any prime minister, why was she being killed off? One would have thought from the frenzied, almost primitive calls for her head that she’d brought the government or the country to its knees, not just proven herself to be the most capable person in the Labor party.

POST SCRIPT  I’ve just (29/07/13) been commenting over at the Political Sword about why I still think that this may possibly be my last effort in verse at polliepomes.  Hard to explain why that might be, even to myself much less put it in writing.   Of course, one should never say never, so I won’t. At first I thought my reluctance to comment on events of the coup was partly because I have not wanted to put time and effort into arguing the case for (or even against!) the Krudd!   I do, however, admire the stalwart determination of people like Lyn and Ad Astra to maintain the fight against the Coalition.  I go there every day to read what he has to say and to follow up Lyn’s invaluable links.  In the same way I visit Cafe Whispers and read Miglo’s other work at AIMN.     BK over at the PUB also helps keep me in touch with mainstream events and commentary on the struggle which many good people on the left are maintaining, and at last with success it seems.  So KRudd has his uses. I haven’t however wanted to become involved in discussions as passionately as I have in the past few years.  Not just because the joy has gone with Julia.  Initially I thought it was that and that as grief passed I would be commenting again.   But I think that may not be. These past three years with Julia,  those sturdy Independents,  the hung Parliament  and her government,  along with the comedy of Tony Abbott and his inept Opposition,  have been a wonderful distraction from the task I had set myself to organize all my old journals and writings.  I am increasingly aware of time passing and my memory fading.  So if I’m not going to leave a mess for someone else to tidy up or simply dump in the bin I’d better get back on task! If I can find a pome already written relevant to any pressing issues or some particularly dramatic event occurs no doubt I’ll have my say! Ad Astra at The Political Sword responded to this with………

Ad astra

Patriciawa It would be so sad were you to retire completely from commenting on political blog sites, and of course on TPS.  So please return from time to time to leave us a brief comment, or one of your delightful pomes.

I have noticed that the volume of comments on TPS has lessened since the departure of Julia Gillard.  Suddenly our beloved PM has gone – from being in the news many times a day to scarcely ever being mentioned at all.  It’s sad and disheartening, all the more so because the current PM and his ‘Team Rudd’ spent three years undermining her and making life so much more difficult that it need have been.  Internal sabotage is much more corrosive that external aggression. The ‘zing’ has gone out of political discourse, and the enthusiasm to comment is diminished. For my part, Kevin Rudd, the mastermind behind the erosion of Julia Gillard, owes Labor supporters big time.  His only hope for redemption among many Julia Gillard supporters would be for him to win the election and keep Abbott’s destructive, ultra-conservative hands off the levers of power. I understand your situation, and empathize with your feelings. Take a rest, but please come back once in a while to say hello.

We’ll see, I guess!

27/02/14,   Well, here is some news of former PM Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard has told a global audience that the sexism she endured as prime minister, while taking a toll on her, will make it easier for the next woman who gets the job. But she also said that sexist attitudes to women leaders were not just ”something Australian” but that ”many of the things that happened to me as prime minister happened to other women leaders”.

26/07/14 ,  And here’s an interesting comment from Greg Combet,   who said in an interview about his own memoirs in the Guardian that ……….Being inside the Labor government during the leadership rivalry between Rudd and Gillard was like being trapped inside a political and moral dilemma. It was not possible to have honest conversations with your colleagues in the caucus, apart from trusted friends, because the risk was that such conversations would themselves be leaked. I found the destabilisation of Gillard’s leadership vicious and extreme.

Latest news?    But where’s the link?  So far only as below!

Steven,     02//08/13,     What on earth is a “pome”? There is no such word. I think that if you want to write a POEM, you should first learn how to spell the word.

Patriciawa,   If you look above you’ll see an explanation  for that odd spelling for the ‘pomes’ or funny verses I write about politicians.   It’s satire and generally the name is understood by people who like to read these semi-humorous, or wry observations on current political issues.  You can also see from the the acknowledgement on every page here that the National Library is storing this blog in its archives.  So everyone does accept that the ‘pomes’ are very different from proper poems, as I’ve repeated again when more recently  I have begun trying to write Proper Poetry.

gigilene,    02/08/13,     patriciawa,    Julia Gillard has left a strong mark. Deep down I still consider her to be our PM. The other one is illegitimate as he was placed there by the media, the Coalition and some Labor traitors. KR will need to surpass himself to earn my forgiveness and respect. Which should be relatively easy to achieve providing the entire team continues to toe the line, the media becomes more compliant, and the LOTO continues his metooism. All these factors were non-existant with PMJG.

richo,    02/08/13,     All that maybe true and rightly or wrongly her fate was sealed the day she did Kevin in.  Now having said that I concur she was a Prime Minister who got things done. I suspect what she failed to do was to sell her many achievements. In the end if you can’t communicate it clearly you are kind of stuffed.

my say,     02/08/13,     julia never had a chance,she was hounded out of office by a coalition government ,who never got over loosing in 2010 to a woman, by the murdoch media, who believe their man abbott was born to rule,and by some in her own party, although i don’t agree with everything rudd has done i will still vote labor as to not let julia down for all the good policies that she had got passed in the parlament. we have a lot to thank her for

Gilly,     02/08/13,     Another lie about Julia. “Julia did Kevin in”, absolute rubbish, the Labour caucus voted out a man who is not a leader but someone who could never function as a leader. A leader leads others, to do this others need to be trusted, respected and taken into consideration. Kevin was too full of himself to ever have any responsibility for others. As for a communicator, it takes two for communication, someone to listen. Nobody wanted to listen about Government, all the focus was on politics. One of the greatest PMs the country has had was not a politician, she was too honest and focused on what she was elected to do, an adult who was not trapped into playing the immature game of politics.

Patricia Bensted,     02/08/13,       Julia did Kevin In.  What a load of rubbish. Rudd went into Julias office and abused her for not being loyal to him and this is after she REFUSED to go against him. She wasmade a scapegoat for the likes of Shorten etc: so get all your facts straight. I for one will miss the kind, compassionate lady. What she has done for the women ofAustralia and the World for that matter is remarkable. I will always voteLabor because I am aLabor person not like some of the friends of Rudd who even gave up their Membership of the Labor Party, so one must ask did they resign from the Party because Rudd was ousted or was it because a woman took his place. Methinks the latter.

Sandra,     02/08/13,     Gilly, Patricia couldn’t agree more. We will never know just what went down at either of the deposings. All I know is that I miss that wonderful courageous lady’s smile, her compassion etc. Don’t think that the new team is as good as hers, they have a slightly different agenda. Hope Bowen is as good at managing the books as Swanny was. Hope that Gonski doesn’t get watered down either. Julia got so many good things through didn’t she. Miss her heaps.

freedomsmoker,    02/08/13,   My only feeling was relief when Gillard got killed off. She definitely evoked polarized opinions. Worst prime minister in Australian history in my opinion.

Mobius Ecko,    02/08/13,     ……….can you tell us why she was the worst PM using something like facts. Oh and it wasn’t Gillard who polarised opinions, that would be Abbott and the MSM lies and deceptions putting Gillard into a no win situation no matter what she did or said. My opinion she was the best PM we’ve had, and the runs are on the board to prove it.

richo,   02/08/13,    Whatever the reality is……………..the perception out there is that she did Kevin in. Whether she did or didn’t she was part of it………

bilko,    02/08/13,    PatriciaWA,   Well said, now you have brought out the mists in my old tired eyes once again. Sad that Julia has vanished from the airwaves but not forgotten in our hearts.

Now it is all Kevin, our household either switch off or change channels. I will still vote labor to keep out Abbort not to put in Kevin. I have heard that in cabinet, Kevin is still acting the same old same old, a leopard never loses its spots. However almost anything is better than a Lieberal government wallowing in Howards hasbeens, who without him, never had an original thought amongst them. The proof is in the policies they have/not created over the last six years…………..PatriciaWa do not give up on the poems they light up the darkness.

Ragnvald,    02/08/13,    Julia Gillard carved her place among the greatest of Australia’s Prime Ministers.    I remain among her many admirers for her achievements, although there were some of her policies with which I strongly disagreed. But she rescued Australia from the ignominy of the Rudd years whilst he plotted and conspired his return. I cannot believe how many people have been so deceived by him and have ignored his spectacular failings……………..

Min,    02/08/13,    Ultimately it’s not about the person but the greater good and in this respect, whether people be Julia “supporters” or Rudd supporters, both persons having been elected by the Labor Party to be leader indicate that BOTH and I do mean both in some way embody what is right for Australia and most especially what is right for the Australian working class………………………………

Pamela Williams,   24/09/13,   Links at TPS filling out the JGPM story.

Talk Turkey,     26/o9/13,    Julia Gillard’s Achievements,

Casablanca’s Cache,     27/09/13,    A link to an article headlined “Julia Gillard offers no ‘hard insights’,

happy to fly under the radar in New York  by Ellen Connolly. Our former prime minister Julia Gillard appears to have found her public voice again, speaking up at the annual general meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on  Wednesday to call on nations to introduce a carbon tax.–happy-to-fly-under-the-radar-in-new-york-20130926-2uf7a.html

Sue     20/12/13    Dear Patriciawa,  after all this time I’ve only now come to have a peek at one of my favorite sites. Thank you for all your lovely pomes.

Patriciawa   21/12/13,   Thank you too, Sue.   It’s so heartening to get feedback like yours!

Patriciawa    26/12/13,     Another great post referred by David Ewart of the Pub And another one found there 28/12/13

Julia Gillard, Australia’s 1st Female Prime Minister – YouTube – Inagist

Patriciawa     25/11/15,     Meeting old leftie friends for coffee, I still find huge regret for what happened to Julia Gillard, a fine leader with so much to offer to her Party and Australia.  I was asked today if we caught this tribute back then?

Song accompanying that is “No Regrets!”  and seems to have been more the message of  her gracious acceptance of the ALP reinstatement of the treacherous Rudd.   More than two years on there are the regrets of increasing numbers of us who now understand what we lost.  They make it hard for Bill Shorten to lead a united Labor party, once Rudd had so soon shewn his lack of staying power to lead in Opposition.   Images of FPMJG like this below now abound on the internet

Image result for images for Julia Gillard

Hundreds of other pictures of Julia are available, but I liked this one particularly.   How sad we don’t now have her strengths to help us with the upcoming struggle against the NLP Coalition, newly revived by the pretty-boy popularity of Malcolm Turnbull.


Patriciawa    03/02/16   Still more great postings of articles and comments about Julia who  still greatly missed amongst we lefties writing out there in the blogosphere.  This about FPMJG  is crying out for a new pome, I think.

Report: Julia Gillard One Of The Best Prime Ministers In Australian History

Patriciawa   02/03/2017     Thanks to David Foote for another great image of Julia!



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